Sharks, Pianos and Dread

Hello again, blog world,

Yesterday, I had a weird dream involving sharks and dissolving buildings. Any dream interpreters in blog world feel free to let me know what that means, especially if it means that I have to worry about a piano falling on my head or something of the sort. Although I’d probably worry about that even without the dream interpreter.

Tomorrow is my first day of work this year. I am so relieved that I finally actually got called. My best friend had a baby yesterday and he is adorable and I’m so glad that she is happy. I got a raise at work. So many good things happened, but I still don’t feel happy. Instead I just feel dread. I’m not sure about what exactly, maybe the whole shark, dissolving building, piano thing, or maybe the fact that I have to work at a new school tomorrow, or maybe just existence.

My brain, being the drama queen it is, has drastic thoughts when it experiences dread. It also compels me to buy very large packs of brightly coloured paper and try origami, which, by the way, is much harder than it looks. I think hedgehogs might have the right idea, rolling into a spiky ball might be both the least expensive and safest way to go.

Goodbye for now, blog world.



Hello Blog World

Good Afternoon, Blog World,

I am using this blog as a means to get my ridiculous nightly thoughts and mental meanderings out into the world also because my therapist says that having a blog might make me feel more like I have a purpose. I’m willing to try anything, so here I am, starting a blog.

I guess I should start by saying something about me, I am a 20-something, substitute teacher. I’m not a huge fan of large groups of people. I have anxiety, depression and tend to veer towards OCD tendencies.  I have a pet hedgehog whom I relate to because I often feel like curling into a tiny spiky ball. I spend a lot of time reading. I am currently re-reading the Anne of Green Gables Series, and I’m always reading Harry Potter. As for what I look like, I’m Indian, tall and I have been trying to lose weight for longer than I can remember.

The following is a series of questions that have recently been plaguing my mind, if you have any insight, please share, 3AM me would appreciate it.

  1. Are mermaids born from eggs or like people? – I’m leaning towards from eggs because I’m not sure how it would work biologically the other way.
  2. Do baby mermaids look like babies with fish tails? – Probably.
  3. Hibernation. How do animals sleep for so long? I can barely sleep for 5 hours.
  4. Miniature animals. How? Why?

Sayonara for now, blog world. I’ll be back!